Wednesday, 4 March 2009



>Here's Winston Rowntree's crazy wet dream. Astride the ludicrously kooky travelling weapon that is the Panjandrum, he brings joy and and burns and broken bones to millions of scared and frightened children! He has rockets! He wears a bomb on his head! He has no idea how to steer this thing!


>One of the many alter-egos adopted by our dear Auntie E. If I remember correctly, this sultry long-haired temptress had the power of turning into a gigantic frog with supernatural powers. Either way it was something equally fantastic.


>The ghost of a famed blues musician and/or petty criminal, the Bluesman is an agent of fate, bringing either hope or oblivion by playing on his eery Harmonica of Doom. Whoever you are, you're sure to be a guy he can really dig... a grave for!


Sea_of_Green said...

I really, really like Bluesman for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm a blues fan. :-)

Winston said...

YES!!! You have defied my expectations, Foolery. I would doff my hat to you, but my head has been replaced with a bomb. I will instead try to steer away from you as I veer hopelessly out of control five seconds into the battle. Please also accept a firm handshake.

The Complicated said...

The thought of the sensory perception of what I perceive to be your drawings is accompanied by the thought-sensation of pleasure!

TF said...

@Sea: Thanks! I hope Elwood likes it too!

@Winston: I'm really happy you approve, sir.You cannot believe how hard that mother was to draw.

@Comps: uh-oh... somebody's been studying philosophy! Descartes maybe? Or am I completely wrong and let's say... Hume?

Elwood said...

YEAH! That's perfect! You're the bee's knees.

I'm putting this up on my blog right now.

Elrossiter said...

i'm completely with sea on this one. bluseman is totally ace! as are panjandruman and frog but bluesman to me is emmitting a whole mistique, a persona that he alone holds onto. . . . and i want a pair of those blues shoes!


Mr. Popular said...

Panjandruman: I see no room for improvement. He's already the best thing ever.

Auntie E said...

YAY! *glompies*

Yes you are right about Frog's powers. She turns into a giant froggy and summons dog-sized ones. :P

They all look fantastic!

Also, have you considered going back to a micro board again? The one I am a staff member of currently is nice and quaint and could use some of your chaotic craziness. You may even recognize a few names.

Here's the link.

My name on there is Devinity Star.

TF said...

Thanks Mr. Popular!

And thank you too, Auntie! I'm glad you liked it.
*checks out site*