Saturday, 28 February 2009


Now that the great fifty-comic anniversary celebration... thingy... has passed, it's time to move on to new and uncharted territory.
I've been enjoying the latest series of Spectacular Spider-man immensly and have created a somewhat select 'spidey fanclub' at school. My school thesis project involving superheroes throughout literature has also contributed to a rising number of books on the subjcet in my room.
Thus, I find myself in a superhero mood. What follows is the beginning of what I hope shall become a long-running and appreciated project. Basically I ask someone I know (and this means you guys what read dis innit as well) what kind of superhero they would like to/what superpowers they would like/what type of costume they would wear... and then I draw it for them.
Let's start...


>This is supposed to be me. I've always loved monkeys and the power of being able to transform into an anthropomorphic monkey wearing stretchy purple pants would suit me great. I know perfectly well that King Kong was an ape and not a monkey, but I imagined that (Italy being the idiotic backward country that it is) the tabloids here would give me a suitably stupid name.


>This is my classmate (whose name shall remain hidden for CIA-related reasons and so forth) who expressed the desire of having telekinetic powers. As for the costume, I came up with the helmet and jacket design and he chose orange, blue and black because those are the colours of his mp3 player. Apart from the slightly Iron Mannish vibe going on there I think it looks pretty good.

So this is only the beginning. If you would like to be a superhero, send me your idea either in the comment box or to this adress:
The idea is that it wouldn't be a character you made up but what you would see yourself as, playing superhero.
Let's go crazy... If you want to be a villain that's cool too. In some cases it may even be cooler.
If I don't get any requests via email I'll ask araound in class again or try and come up with something of my own...
Though it would be cool if somebody decided to tag along ;-)
Hope you like the latest batch and that I hear/read from you soon.


Winston said...

I wanner be Panjandruman!! He rides into battle on his ludicrously unstable Panjandrum and then 7% of the time ends up actually being of some help. Oh yeah, and a Panjandrum is a "massive, rocket-propelled, explosive-laden cart" from WWII -- google it!

Auntie E said...

Well, you could do my current alias, but I think you'd have more fun with one of my past ones. I can't remember if you ever went to Rachel's micro site while she had one. Micro Sanctuary?

I had the alias called sirenae there. If not, then I can send you a micro of her. :P

TF said...

Great! Winston your idea sounds great. As soon as I have time I'll get to work on your ludicrous idea.
Auntie, I think I have an idea of which you mean (I hope it's Frog) but still send me the micro (not to timefart though. My usual email)

Auntie E said...

it's not frog, but you can draw her if you'd like. I'd like to see her TF ideal.

Elwood said...

I want to be BluesMan, with my Harmonica of Doom!

Sea_of_Green said...

DIG the monkey. ;-)

Oh, c'mon -- you KNOW you gotta draw Mighty Mite the super-hero! ;-)

TF said...

@Auntie: okey dokey!

@Elwood: harmonica of doom? I take it you'd be a villain? Or some kind of ne'erdoweller? either way sounds great.

@Sea: I thought the song went 'Dig a Pony'?
I thought Mighty Mite was evil... you know, with the whole crushing and burning and destoying and FLA-HAY-VING HOYVEN!

Elwood said...

Villians have more fun! If you choose to make me a hero, it can be the Harmonica of Justice instead.