Wednesday, 14 January 2009




Sea_of_Green said...

You know, this sort of thing happens at Disneyland all the time.

TF said...

Ha! True.

Speaking of Disneyland, I often tell little kids that when I went to Disenyland I kicked Mickey Mouse in the balls.

I didn't of course. I was eight at the time and too short.
But I like to think I would've done had I been taller.

I DID hug Captain Hook, however.
I have a photo.

Yes I was evil way back when, too.

Elwood said...

Robots are *so* disrespectful of human's rules.

Serves him right.

Mr. Popular said...

I like it. "Concession-Stand Monkey Strikes Back!"

The Complicated said...

Man, I hate those cinemazies, I always smuggle in my own soda and candy and I have NEVER BEEN CAUGHT! I once smuggled in 2 l of soda and half a pizza when I went with my friends to see Kill Bill 2 way back then. We feasted like kings that day!

CyberKitten said...