Friday, 5 September 2008

The Cactus

Two posts in one day? Smokin'.
I thought I'd just briefly introduce this little story (only 9 episodes in all).
It's about an impossible, unrequited love which ends in death.
...If you look at it one way instead of another.
If you look at it the other way, it's a story of emprisonment and eventual freedom.
I'm not at all spiritual. I don't really believe in the soul or ghosts.
The 'ghost' in this story is a represantation of love. A love which can be either wasted or nurtured.
Also, I have never had any other plant except for cacti. They're not beautiful. They can be quite ugly and even painful.
And they're not as easy to look after as one would think. They need water abd can burn in the sun.
They look tough on the outside but are quite vulnerable on the inside.
So I like cacti. I can relate.
That's basically it. I drew this story to get all that old stress I had about unrequited love out of my system.
You might think the ending is sad, but I don't. I guess it also destroyes a couple of myths about Italy being the land of romance or something.
It's in italian because I'm thinking about asking the school paper to publish it.
I've just realised this is probably the crappiest introduction ever. Oh well.
It's translated here (with notes). Hope you like it.

"I love you"... "with all my heart"

"I love you. I stay here with you every day, all day, until late when you go home. At night I stay here and wait for you. I see you thirteen hours a day. Confucius once said 'to love something means wanting it to live'. You take care of me. You water me. You make sure I stay alive. Does that mean that you love me?"

"What does she have that I don't?"

"Why don't you talk to me anymore? Once upon a time you used to talk to me. Every day. Then you stopped. You talked to me about work, about your family, about your dreams and your desires... Maybe it's because I never replied. And if I spoke to you now?"

"All it takes is a little courage. Come on! Carpe diem..." "No don't go! I..."

"Love is a cosmic force. Love is madness. Love is the desire of what we do not have."*

"Aw sh-...ipwrecks!"**

"I know what you're dreaming about. A better job... a better life. I only dream of embracing you. At least I used to... You've forgotten me. Of that, now I am certain. Months have passed... and I am dying. And yet I feel nothing... I'm not suffering. I'm free... free to feel real love..."
"Good night, love."

*'Shit' in Italian is 'merda'. To avoid swearing, the cactus says 'Mercury' which sounds similar. 'Shipwrecks' is supposed to give the same idea.
**Some of the observations on love discussed by Plato in his dialogue 'Symposium'.


Winston said...

Twelve thumbs up. Nice. Better than nice. It reminds me of something that may not exist. Something good. Maybe thirteen thumbs up. Horribly sad too, despite what you say. You totally need to re-letter this in English, as it deserves the audience. Sorry for the non-specific praise, it's just a great story overall.

So does this mean you're Italian?? For the record, I myself am Winstonian.

Evil Twin said...

Thank you very much, W.
Yes I was born in Italy, my mother is English and my father Italian. I don't see myself as either, though.
I'm a hybrid.

Non specific-praise is just as good and touching as specific praise. Thank you very much again.

Sea_of_Green said...

Awwww, that's sad -- and yet, I feel oddly happy for the cactus, because it has quite literally moved on. Good little tale. :-)

One thing, though -- I was curious as to why the man started suffering all of a sudden (becoming unshaven, etc.). Did the girl at the begining of the tale dump him? It's not really clear. Sorry -- just a minor quibble for an otherwise excellent strip.

Evil Twin said...

Heh, I'm not sure either.
Don't worry i like quibbles.
I think it's most likely just work stress and the fact that his attraction towards the other girl is not reciprocated: thus mirroring the cactus's situation.
It's a common chain of unreciprocated loves that I have either seen or been a part of in my life.
Cactus likes man, man doesn't know. Man likes lady, lady doesn't know... and so on and so forth.
Just life, really ;-)

Thank you very much for your comment and quibble XD

Arkonbey said...

Very nice. Animation, next?

Evil Twin said...

Yeah, I'd love to do animation.
Trouble is I don't think I have the proper means.
Still it would be really cool :-)

Elwood said...

Only cactus I ever knew was a little prick.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

This is just beautiful, really. It does sound much better in Italian, so I really don't mind it's not in English, besides, it reads a little like Spanish, so I can get it, heehee.

Again, I did really like it. Let's exchange links :)

Tomfoolery said...

Thanks Chris!
Sure, ok.


ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Way cool! :)