Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bird Tamer

Here's a sketch of a bird-taming explorer/adventurer girl with robot leg and weird bird. Decided to do it all just in shades of brown, to see how it looked. I think it turned out quite nicely :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vibe (Carlos Valdés on CW's The Flash)

I've made it no secret how much a fan I am of the CW's Flash tv series. I watched the series 1 finale last night and it was, predictably, fantastic.
One of my favourite characters on the show is Cisco Ramon, played by Carlos Valdés. In the comics, Cisco is the civilian alter-ego of the superhero Vibe, who has sonic and vibration-related powers. In the finale, they alluded to Cisco's superheroic future, so I thought I'd do a design for what I think might be a possible outfit for Vibe on the show. I tried to incorporate the colour scheme from the comics, as well as adding in a reference to the Pied Piper's sonic gauntlets: I imagine that if, like in the comics, the Piper turns good, he might lend Cisco some help in designing some tech that would augment his powers.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Public Domain Superhero Redesign: Fantomah (2.0)

Fantomah (Fletcher Hanks, 1940) is such an intriguing character I just had to do another redesign/re-imagining of her.

The year is 1985. Annie Fletcher is, to the outside world, a popular seventeen-year-old high school girl. She's a cheer-leader, prize-winning gymnast and has been voted the prettiest girl in Doyle High three years running. Her friends, family and teachers think they know all about Annie Fletcher... but Annie has a darker side.
After receiving a mysterious amulet in the post from a long forgotten relative, Annie becomes possessed by the vengeful spirit of an ancient jungle goddess... a goddess hell-bent on punishing the wicked. At night, Annie Fletcher transforms into a gaunt, ghost-like creature, with vast magical powers including flight, transformation and hypnosis. Annie's alter-ego soon takes on a new name for herself... Fantomah! The two are often in conflict within Annie's mind, not just fighting over a body, but holding radically different values and beliefs. Now Annie must balance her carefully controlled social and school life, with her new, more dangerous night-time exploits, taking on criminals and the forces of evil.